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Latest News

  • 02nd Nov 2021

    Design led turnkey projects

    Our business has progressed from the original slogan of "if you can draw it, we can make it" - because now we'll do both. With a dedicated design...

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  • 04th Sep 2021

    Post lockdown team photo

    Over the summer of 2021, we became extremely busy and our numbers swelled to 25 personnel. Here is the team as of September with three crates of goods...

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  • 06th Jul 2021

    Sulphur Dioxide Re-Circulating Scrubber

    Here's one of our fabricators putting the finishing touches on a sulphur dioxide re-circ scrubber that was designed, fabricated and tested in house....

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  • 10th May 2021

    Humus Collection and De-sludge Chambers

    Two collection chambers fabricated from rolled polypropylene, headed for a site in Nottinghamshire. These will have a 20+ year service life ahead of...

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  • 04th Apr 2021

    New Technical Department

    In early 2021, due to business expansion, we outgrew the general office. It was decided to construct a second office to house our then Technical...

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  • 13th Mar 2021

    Vacuum boxes

    A batch of vacuum boxes ready for export overseas. These are used in the mining industry to extract/recycle water from the waste material run off.

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  • 13th Feb 2021

    Large rectangular tank

    Large tank in black HDPE on water test. Horizntal steel "belly bands" for strength.

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  • 01st Jun 2020

    Large chroming tank

    One of the largest open chroming tanks that we have made. Complete with steel reinforcing belly bands.

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  • 01st May 2020

    Filter Cases for activated carbon

    As the Covid-19 crisis has unfolded, we have seen an upsurge in orders from the medical equipment sector. One of our staple products is filter cases...

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  • 17th Apr 2020

    Protective screens for shopworkers

    During the present coronavirus crisis we are working normally, having implemented social distancing countermeasures on the shopfloor and in the...

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  • 17th Mar 2020

    Replacement fuel tank for yacht

    Replacement fuel tank for a yacht. In the last year we have made a number of bespoke tanks similar to this for all kinds of boats, with a fast...

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  • 11th Mar 2020

    Large waste liquid storage tank

    We were asked to build 3 large shallow storage tanks to accept waste water run off. The tanks were strenthened internally with multiple baffles One of...

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  • 04th Mar 2020

    Nitric acid storage tank 5000 litres

    A rotomoulded storage tank for nitric acid. 5000 litres capacity complete with bund and rainskirt.

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  • 05th Feb 2020

    Water booster pump tank

    Tank to feed a booster pump at a water treatment works, fabricated in polypropylene with steel reinforcement bands. The tank incorporated multiple...

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  • 22nd Jan 2020

    PP drainage tray

    Polypropylene tray in manufacture for draining or precision aerospace parts after a treatment process.

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  • 08th Jan 2020

    Team photo 2020

    Team photo of Moor Fabs at the start of 2020, with large order of small dosing tanks for export.

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  • 04th Dec 2019

    Instrument console for a working boat

    We were commissioned to make a replacement console for a working boat. Once installed it would be kitted out by the customer with instruments,...

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  • 20th Nov 2019

    More dosing cabinets

    Dosing cabinets for the water treatment sector have become our bread and butter in recent years. We are able to make them in all shapes and sizes with...

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  • 06th Nov 2019

    Polycarbonate screen for water treatment works

    We were asked to make a large screen for an acid dosing room at a  water treatment works. The screen needed to run the full length of the room but...

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  • 23rd Oct 2019

    Custom made hydrochloric acid fume pot

    Hyrdrogen chloride fume scrubbing pot or lute pot or "bubbler" for use with a large hydrochloric acid storage tank.

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  • 16th Oct 2019

    Weatherboarding for stadium grandstand

    We were commissioned to fabricate a set of bespoke weatherboards for a new grandstand at an athletics track. Panels were CNC routered to the curved...

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  • 30th Sep 2019

    Dosing cabinets of all shapes and sizes

    This year we have produced a wide range of dosing cabinets, mainly for the water treatment sector. Generally but not always we fabricate them in...

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  • 22nd Aug 2019

    Largest ever tank

    Pictured is our largest ever tank leaving site on a HIAB vehicle, destined for a sewage treatment plant in the Midlands. The tank was roughly 3...

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  • 04th Jul 2019

    Founder member Steve retires

    After a 15 year run with Moor Fabs and many more years previously in the plastics industry, founder member and director Steve finally hung up his...

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  • 12th Jun 2019

    Double skinned effluent tank

    Pictured is a tall, skinny effluent tank with a sloping internal base. On this occasion we used a preformed, double skinned polyethylene cylinder from...

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  • 21st May 2019

    Small bunded dosing tank

    As well as the larger chemical storage tanks, we are often asked to supply smaller dosing tanks, kitted out with inlet, outlet and sensor nozzles....

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  • 03rd Apr 2019

    Chrome plating tank on water test

    We have just completed a large plating tank for a specialist chroming company. Fabricated in polypropylene with steel box section reinforcement.

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  • 03rd Apr 2019

    PVC/GRP damper spool kit

    We were asked to fabricate a replacement spoolpiece for an extraction system at an aerospace client. The spoolpiece is in 3 sections, with two of them...

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  • 10th Mar 2019

    Pair of 3000 litre PE roto tanks

    Two 3000 litre MDPE roto tanks kitted out to accept pumpover deliveries of chemical. The near one is set up for nitric acid, complete with once...

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