Moor Fabrications (Plastics) Ltd provide a complete plastic fabrication solution, from prototype parts to full volume production. You can rely on quick quotes and expert design services, along with fast turnarounds on both 1-off prototypes and batch production runs.

Our inhouse capabilities include: thermoplastic welding, pipe fusion, CAD drawings, CNC routing, turning and milling. Our core products include storage tanks, cabinets, fume scrubbers, piping systems, ventilation and dual containment, but we have experience in the design and manufacture of a wide range of industrial products.

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Plastic Fabrication - from Concept to Installation

Moor Fabs is proud to offer our dynamic, turnkey solutions to companies both domestic and worldwide markets. From a new tank for your plating shop to dual containment for your water treatment works, we can offer support from the design phase through to product installation. Fabrication
Plastic Fabrication

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Serving Your Industry

Since 2004, our multi-disciplinary team has partnered with industries across water treatment, surface finishing, semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, agriculture and many more. By drawing on that experience, Moor Fabs can provide a streamlined solution tailored to specifically your requirements.

Plastic Fabrication UK

Case Studies

Two collection chambers fabricated from rolled polypropylene, headed for a site in Nottinghamshire. These will have a 20+ year service life ahead of them, and with the internal 200mm PP pipework and gate valves included (and pre-assembled before shipping), these are quick 'plug-and-play' solution for sewage treatment works. Humus Collection and De-sludge Chambers
Chemical storage tank for the water treatment sector, within a rectangular bund. The unit was designed to fit neatly within a shipping container, which would then also hold a dosing cabinet. This package system could then be rapidly deployed to any site in an emergency. Bunded Tank in a Container
Eel Pass on a local river in the South West. Custom fabricated in black HDPE to suit the exact location of this weir, with a metered flow of water running down it. The tiny elvers, migrating back from the Sargasso Sea are able to crawl up the pass on special mats, which prevent them being washed back down again. Hopefully with more interventions like this, the eel population will be able to recover from the impact of man-made obstacles.
Plastic Humus Collection and De-sludge Chambers Fabricators & Manufacturers Eel-passes for rivers in the south-west of England 2