Consistently Strong, Water-Tight Welds

Moor Fabs is proud to employ a highly experienced team of plastic fabricators, each of whom are capable of welding for high-precision lab apparatus or heavy-duty industrial equipment.

We understand exactly the quality and strength of weld that will be required for your fabrication project, so you can rest-assured that we will provide you with a practical and cost-effective solution.

Plastic Fabricators & Welding

About Plastic Welding

Hot gas and extrusion welding is applicable to thermoplastics (plastics that melt when heated rather than chemically degrade). In summary, the process involves directly heating the target weld area on a plastic until it softens, before a hot weld bead of the same plastic is fused along it.

As thermoplastics tend to have low thermal conductivity, the joint area for welding can be softened by just the right amount to allow the weld rod to bond to the substrate without significantly deforming the surrounding material (and in-turn causing functional or aesthetic defects). This skill takes significant experience – and patience – to perfect, which is where our fabrication team can help.

Thermoplastic Welding Fabricators

Dedication To Quality

Moor Fabs’ quality department meticulously checks our weld quality on everything we fabricate. We provide spark testing certifications for any welded product, and for any chemical or water storage vessels we carry out 24-hour hydrostatic testing to guarantee a sealed and mechanically sound assembly.

If you are looking for first-rate of thermoplastic welding based on rigorous technical training, many years of experience and a culture of high-quality – look no further than Moor Fabs.

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