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Slurry concentrator dosing skid

Ready for shipping out to site, the latest iteration of a chemical dosing skid used in conjunction with the slurry concentrator towers we have been building for a couple of years now. The dosing skid includes a mixing vessel, agitator, metering pumps and a control, all crammed onto a purpose… Read More

POA boxes for safe chemical dosing

Over recent years we have refined our offering when it comes to secondary containment at the “point of application” of dosing chemicals. In the water treatment industry, such chemicals are often injected at high pressure into large diameter water pipes, upstream of in-line static mixers. It’s important that operations staff… Read More

Fish farm tanks in HDPE

We were asked to manufacture a number of large round HDPE tanks by a major fish farm in the South West for their new facility breeding high end strains of carp. As the tanks were to be sited indoors on a first floor location, they were all fabricated and then… Read More

Moor Fabs Achieves ISO 9001 Accreditation

Thanks to the hard work and attention to detail shown by our quality department, Moor Fabs has been officially awarded ISO 9001 accreditation. Our accreditation covers the design, development, manufacture and supply of fabricated thermoplastic components. Reaching this milestone provides assurance to our staff, partners and clients that customer satisfaction… Read More

Moor Fabs acquires Helix Tanks

We were very flattered earlier this year, when long time business associate Roger Andrews (founder of Helix Tanks Ltd) offered us first refusal to purchase his business on his decision to retire. It was a natural fit for Moor Fabs, with us supplying the smaller end of the market and… Read More

8000 litre bunded tank for strong sulphuric acid

Completed in June 2023 for a customer in the food industry for pH balancing at their effluent plant. An 8000 litre bunded storage tank for strong sulphuric acid, complete with rainskirt. Manufactured in-house in black HDPE. For all kinds of chemical storage, we offer a range of options. For tanks… Read More

Opus CNC router, a major investment

For many years, the business had revolved around sheets cut on a panel saw  With the recent investment in a large flatbed CNC router, we have moved things on. As well as improving the effiicency of our overall cutting process, the use of CNC ensures accuracy and reproducilibility for our… Read More

Five slurry concentrators ready for shipping

Cleaning up the environment in one way or another is our stock in trade. Recently we have been helping to develop a range of slurry concentrators for the agricultural sector, mainly for large dairy or pig farms. This industry is facing ever tighter controls over what can be spread back… Read More

Chelsea Flower Show 2023

Once again we were invited to contribute to one of the gardens at Chelsea with a water feature. This time the RSPCA sanctuary garden, designed by Martyn Wilson. At the core of the garden was a central blue rill, manufactured from recycled plastic sheeting (from Smiles Plastics). This clever material… Read More

Prototype twin outlet settlement tank

Twin outlet settlement tank for a water treatment works. The prototype design incorporates a central weir to allow the clarified water to run off through. Meanwhile the heavier sludge liquor exits through the other outlet for further dewatering. Read More

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