Responsive and Effective Repairs

Our priority is minimising your plant’s downtime by finding you a rapid and long-lasting fix.

Provide us with details and images of your requirements and we will devise a repair strategy that can be swiftly and safely executed with minimal intrusion to your operation.

The Moor Fabs fabrication team has decades of experience between them, so the odds are they have seen your problem before – and have overcome it – multiple times.

Plastic fabrication with maintenance & repair service

1-Year Warranty and Product Servicing

Everything we build comes with a 1-year warranty as part of our goal to only produce plastic products that last. If one of our products is in need of maintenance within our warranty period, our engineers will be around as soon as possible to upkeep, re-work or replace the unit in question to make sure we are still meeting our initial specification.

If the product in question is a from a different supplier, we can still offer a survey to see if we can apply our experience extend its service life – just get in touch.

Maintenance & repair service of Plastic Fabrication