ESG Driven Design

At Moor Fabs we keep sustainability at the core of our design process, delivering modern solutions which have working lifespans exceeding that of alternative wood or metal based options in use across a wide range of industries. This ensures both that the per-year carbon footprints of our products during their lifespan are minimised, as well as reducing the environmental and business impacts of end-of-life transport and replacement, benefitting both the planet and your bottom line.


Recycling Policy

We also work closely with both our suppliers, customers, and other industry partners to implement the guidelines and aims laid out in BS 8001 – Circular Economy, using recycled and recyclable materials when suitable for purpose, and ensuring waste reduction processes are used to drastically lower non-productive usage of virgin materials. Upon request we can also provide end-of-life recycling for our Polypropylene and Polyethylene products, allowing raw materials to be recovered, breaking the ‘take-make-dispose’ paradigm of the linear economy.


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