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Five slurry concentrators ready for shipping

Cleaning up the environment in one way or another is our stock in trade. Recently we have been helping to develop a range of slurry concentrators for the agricultural sector, mainly for large dairy or pig farms. This industry is facing ever tighter controls over what can be spread back… Read More

Chelsea Flower Show 2023

Once again we were invited to contribute to one of the gardens at Chelsea with a water feature. This time the RSPCA sanctuary garden, designed by Martyn Wilson. At the core of the garden was a central blue rill, manufactured from recycled plastic sheeting (from Smiles Plastics). This clever material… Read More

Prototype twin outlet settlement tank

Twin outlet settlement tank for a water treatment works. The prototype design incorporates a central weir to allow the clarified water to run off through. Meanwhile the heavier sludge liquor exits through the other outlet for further dewatering. Read More

New Office and Production Facility

On the 1st February 2023, we took occupancy of our new main office and production facility. A brand new two storey building, the first floor consists of large open plan office, allowing both technical, sales and admin staff to work in a modern cooperative environment. Downstairs we have been able… Read More

Chelsea Flower Show 2022

We were approached to construct several complicated sump tanks for the “Mind” show garden at the Chelsea Flower Show 2022. These were the first real test for our benchtop CNC router, requiring long sweeping curved bases. These tanks worked really well as part of the garden’s water features but unfortunately… Read More

Sulphur Dioxide Re-Circulating Scrubber

Here’s one of our fabricators putting the finishing touches on a sulphur dioxide re-circ scrubber that was designed, fabricated and tested in house. This one is going to an oil recycling plant, and comes with an integrated recycled plastic pallet so it can be easily moved around on site. Read More

Humus Collection and De-sludge Chambers

Two collection chambers fabricated from rolled polypropylene, headed for a site in Nottinghamshire. These will have a 20+ year service life ahead of them, and with the internal 200mm PP pipework and gate valves included (and pre-assembled beofre shipping), these are quick ‘plug-and-play’ solution for sewage treatment works. Read More

Vacuum boxes

A batch of vacuum boxes ready for export overseas. These are used in the mining industry to extract/recycle water from the waste material run off. Read More

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