Overcoming Material and Geometric Challenges

Plastics can be less forgiving than other materials when it comes to milling and turning. Each polymer demonstrates different challenges to overcome, with varying melting points, chipping behaviours and inherent stresses.

Our design engineers and our machinists work together to combine their tooling and material expertise to maximise accuracy and the quality of finish on your part.

Plastic CNC Machining

Design for Manufacture

We are here to help when it comes to optimising your part for machining. Moor Fabs’ technical team will work with you to identify the critical dimensions of your component, and can draw-up a CAD  counterproposal which dovetails perfectly with the selected material’s properties and our machining strategy.

Allowing us to hone your part for manufacture can tighten geometric tolerances, improve aesthetics, and reduce costs.

Plastic CNC Milling & Turning