Delivery, Siting and Commissioning

As part of our mission to offer a complete solution for our partners, Moor Fabs’ services continue after we have finished building your product.

Once our fabrications have passed QC, we can ship them wherever they need to go – through a courier, on one of our vans, or even via Hi-Ab or international freight.

Upon arrival, our professional and efficient site team also offer an installation service, which includes siting and sometimes even full commissioning of your product.

Site Installation of dual containment tanks, tank liners, bunds, plastic piping & ventilation

On-Site Fabrication

We understand that certain jobs could be measured, fabricated and fitted more efficiently when the work is carried out on-site.

If our engineers’ site survey finds this to be the case, you can rest assured that our fabricators will work productively, diligently and safely at your facility, staying polite and responsive to your input throughout the process.

Typical on-site fabrication work can include dual containment, tank liners, bunds, plastic piping and ventilation.

Plastic fabricators & Manufacturers with On-Site Installation