Fast and Cost-Effective Plastic CNC-Routing

The most efficient and versatile way of producing complex sheet components from plastics.

Not all plastics can be safely and effectively laser-cut, so we have invested in our facility to allow us to produce large batches of CNC-routed components. Now we can rapidly produce flat parts up to 25mm thick in any plastic material, whether they are for shipping directly to our customers or to help expedite our internal fabrication processes.

Plastic CNC Routing

Integrating CNC with Plastic Fabrication

By consolidating our design and fabrication experience with our CNC capabilities, we are able to get the best out of our plastics and their properties.

By machining structural supports, our fabricators can bring complex 3D geometries to life without corrodible components or the upfront tooling investment of vacuum forming.

This innovation has allowed us to expand into more aesthetic-driven markets – such as bespoke ponds for garden landscaping – but also to create more intricate industrial products, including MCERTS-approved Venturi flumes.