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Moor Fabs at the World Cup in Brazil

13th May 2014

Unfortunately none of our employees were lucky enough to be at the World Cup but our representative Moorfabio was there!

He's was a full size plastic goalkeeper "target", commissioned from us in order to calibrate the goal line technology that was used at this summer's tournament. Our client, Labosport are global leaders in this kind of technology and gave us a very specific brief. The target had to be strong enough to withstand a world cup football being fired at it at 60mph, yet it also had to weigh as little as possible (hence plastic), it had to be made in small modules, that could be bolted together on site but then broken down for transit between the various stadia and finally it had to be non-reflective in colour, to avoid confusing the cameras! We came up with our own design for the goalie in black embossed polypropylene and made and shipped him in double quick time ahead of the tournament start. We understand that it performed well in the field in Brazil.

For more on this story including pictures of the goalie, check out our Facebook page Moor Fabs

To visit Labosport, click on the link www.labosport.co.uk


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