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Latest News

  • 10th Jun 2017

    Large cleaning tank for sulphuric acid

    3m long cleaning tank for rollers, using sulphuric acid. Photo shows tank during fabrication, on it's side. Supplied complete with sump tank and...

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  • 10th May 2017

    Two tanks for reverse osmosis plant

    Two 1000 litre bunded tanks for a reverse osmosis plant at a luxury dessert maker. One tank for sodium chlorite, the other one for hydrochloric acid.

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  • 10th Apr 2017

    Tanks for chroming process

    Two large polypropylene plating and/or rinse tanks for a chroming line.  

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  • 30th Mar 2017

    Dosing cabinets for the water industry

    Moor Fabs are starting to build a reputation as the "go to" fabricator for competitively priced cabinets for chemical dosing. A number of large...

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  • 28th Feb 2017

    Clear acrylic underwater camera holder

    An unusual project for us was to design and build a clear acrylic camera holder for a very specific application. The camera was going to be used for...

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  • 30th Jan 2017

    PVC/GRP damper spoolpiece

    We were asked to build a replacement section of PVC/GRP ductwork at 800mm diameter, including 2 damper valves. With no technical drawing and only...

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  • 08th Dec 2016

    Tank liner for test tank

    We have just completed a tank liner for a major aerospace company for R&D work. Fabricated in natural HDPE with multiple nozzles and specially...

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  • 25th Nov 2016

    5000 litre bunded tank

    After a bit of a break, we are now back into regular production of chemical storage tanks. Using off the shelf black MDPE rotomoulded tanks, we...

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  • 25th Nov 2016

    Custom made tank in HDPE

    As well as the off the shelf rotomoulds, we are able to build tanks from scratch by rolling sheet. Using overlapping cylinders of butt-welded HDPE, we...

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  • 31st Oct 2016

    PVC and polycarbonate dosing screens

    This year we have made an increasing number of dosing and injection screens for the water treatment industry. We now use a modular design based on a...

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  • 30th Sep 2016

    Baffle box for lagoon

    We were asked to fabricate a polypropylene weir box to act as a baffle for water moving between two lagoons on a prestigious civil engineering project...

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